“Fear and anxiety many times indicates that we are moving in a positive direction, out of the safe confines of our comfort zone, and in the direction of our true purpose.”
— Charles F. Glassman

What others have to say…

“I had my Impact call with Christian and those 30 minutes really IMPACTED my life! I will not forget the encouragement and sincere guidance that I felt from her. How she asked specific questions to understand how she could help me and it all felt from the heart. She was able to relate to me and understood where I was coming from… She helped me to open my eyes and see what MY SECRETS PURPOSE was and is within myself. What God had destined and ordained me to be in this world, in this life. She helped set Goals on what I wanted to do for myself and see that the little things count, to be encouraged and discouraged. She shared things with me that made me feel comfortable in sharing my story with her and with her opening up to me help me open up to her and the movement of God was definitely there. She prayed with me and prayed for me and I am grateful. Proud to say that because of that call I stepped out on faith and started my own business and haven’t looked back since. Thank you, my Sister, for doing and being what God created you to do and be.”

The changes I have noticed in my life. I am more optimistic and feeling good about myself. I am surrounding myself with people who are challenging me. Day by day I am getting out of my comfort zone and starting to enjoy life.
— Crystal

Kiera Graham

30 min. Impact Call & 90 min.- 1:1 Coaching Session


- M.A.D: A healing session for people struggling with aggression

“… the most USE-ABLE Success Strategy I gained from attending M.A.D is to put something between who you were and who you want to be. I would tell other people this event was cool, bonding, and felt like group therapy. I would refer Christian or any of My Secret’s Purpose services for general purpose healing.”

- Jessica Silas

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