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Meet Christian

Photo: Elcardo Anthony

Photo: Elcardo Anthony

Hi There,

Welcome! I am Christian Shields the founder of My Secret’s Purpose. The name derived from a simple passion to help others find out what their purpose is so that they can no longer be kept or keep it a secret. I know there are plenty of people out there searching for their purpose and wondering if they are needed. After spending years of wondering why I am alive. I entered into a self-discovery quest that transformed my life!

Since 2016, My Secret’s Purpose focuses on creating safe environments to cultivate others in reaching their full potential. I believe my social responsibility is to bring people together to have conversations about life paths! I want others to have strong foundations of resiliency and boldness by learning and understanding how to apply values of connection, commitment and consistency.

I enjoy seeing the beauty in other people, traveling the world to meet new people, and being a lifetime learner and guider through various journeys of life. I am a native of St. Louis, MO (STL). Home is where I developed a love for learning, adventure, and creativity and the true essence of helping other people achieve their growth goals personally and professionally.

It's simple, my purpose is to help other people discover their purpose and empower them to succeed. I am known for my intuitive and spiritual guidance, and business acumen. I am a multi-generational connector. I hold a Bachelors of Social Work from Missouri State University, Masters of Business Administration from Walden University, and a current student at Saint Louis University earning a Masters of Social Work and last but, not least my greatest joy is pushing people closer to purpose!

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Love,

Christian Shields

Christian Shields


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